Hearing Aids

We carry the latest hearing aid technology to help you with all of your hearing needs.

Highest Quality Hearing Aids Available

At Racker Audiology Clinic, we work with you to find the right hearing aids that are best suited for your needs. The first and most important step is making sure you are ready for hearing aids. If you’re not sure you want hearing aids, we can give you the information you need to make an educated decision in the future. However, if you want to see how hearing aids can help you, we are here to guide you as you explore the possibilities.

Today’s hearing aids are discreet and easy-to-use. They are more effective than ever at addressing all types and severities of hearing loss. Many of today’s hearing aids have incredible technology, to provide you with a seamless listening experience. From hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity to hearing aids that are completely rechargeable, we carry the latest technology.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids

Hearing aids aren’t one-size-fits-all. They need to be personalized to your needs. The following factors are important to consider:

  • Age — How long have you waited to get hearing aids? Has your speech comprehension been affected? Are you comfortable handling delicate hearing aids?
  • Lifestyle — Do you stay home and in quiet environments, or are you often out and about? How much do you encounter background noise?
  • Expectations — How comfortable are you with advanced technology? How particular are you about sound quality and noise filtering?
  • Finances —What is your budget?


Hearing Aid Brands

We select from a range of hearing aids brands. The hearing aids we recommend are ones we believe will truly help our patients.

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing technology is always improving and that’s great for anyone with hearing loss. 

A recent game-changer is the introduction of reliable rechargeable hearing aids. For patients who have difficulty with small hearing aid batteries, these rechargeable units are convenient and comfortable. In addition to advancements that make the hearing experience itself better, there have been other quality-of-life improvements such as Bluetooth streaming and connectivity to smartphones and TVs. Even telecoils, for use in public venues such as theatres, museums, and airports, can better help you get the most enjoyment out of life.

Oticon More new hearing aids in Ithaca, NY

Featured Technology

Life-Changing Innovation from Oticon

Oticon Intent™

Facing the daily challenge of hearing conversations in noisy environments can be difficult for individuals with hearing loss. Traditional hearing aids understand sound, but not you. Oticon Intent™ is the first hearing aid that understands what you want to listen to.

Using revolutionary BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Intent™ uses your movements, the environment, and the conversation around you to recognize what you want and need to listen to, adapting seamlessly to deliver truly personalized support. With Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable power, Oticon Intent™ offers life-changing benefits.*

Benefits of Oticon Intent™:

  • Clarity: Hear more clearly, stay more engaged, and enjoy life fully
  • Confidence: Feel confident in every moment, from navigating the room to talking with a group of friends
  • Cognition: Helps keep your mind focused, alert, and engaged with what matters
Oticon Intent hearing aids


Our hearing aids come with a warranty package, which includes: