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Welcome to the Audiology Clinic at Racker

It can be hard to admit that you need help with your hearing loss, but the benefits are considerable. With hearing aids you can hear and understand the people around you better than you have in years, and you may find yourself feeling more confidently involved in conversations and activities. Modern hearing aid technology is incredibly powerful, and there are some amazing ways we can help people with severe and profound hearing loss experience a better life.

You may not realize how much you're missing or even how withdrawn you may be from your family and friends. Hearing aids can improve your quality of life by giving you back the freedom to experience the world around you. Come see us at Racker Audiology Clinic so we can show you the difference better hearing can make in your life. logo

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We were recently featured on to celebrate our move to the new location; click here to read the article!

Sarah O., patient of Racker

"Since receiving hearing aids from Racker Audiology Clinic, I can interact with ease and I am able to participate much more in my community. I find myself asking others around me to lower their voice because I no longer need them to project so loudly; now one-on-one communication is so much easier! When I am outside, I am hearing birds that I haven’t heard in years! I hear chickadees and blue jays, my awareness is so much greater. My ears are happy, it’s a world of difference!"

~ Sarah O.

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Building Relationships and Changing Lives

Trust is an important part of the relationship between audiologist and patient. You deserve to know that you're placing your hearing health in the hands of someone who will take excellent care of you. We have a solid reputation in our community because we've been helping people in Ithaca with their hearing health for over twenty years. We will always listen to you so we understand your needs and concerns, and we let you decide what to do about your own hearing loss

No two patients are alike. We personalize our hearing healthcare to your individual needs. We work with patients of all ages and abilities and are able to determine what's best for each individual patient based on their hearing needs.

We have a single audiologist on staff, you'll have the benefit of continuity of care. You will see the same hearing care professional every time you come for an appointment.

What to Expect

  • Our office is comfortable, professional, and modern with just a few employees, so you'll see the same people every time you visit us. Our office manager handles scheduling, phone calls, and walks you through filling out your new patient paperwork.
  • Our audiologist will discuss what your goals are for the appointment and involve you in every step of your hearing healthcare visit.
  • You will recieve a complete hearing evaluation, which is a series of tests to help us get the full picture of your hearing loss and make appropriate recommendations.
  • If we determine you're a good candidate for hearing aids, and you want to move forward with a trial period, we'll go over your options. Then we will schedule a fitting appointment.

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619 W. State St. Suite C
Ithaca, NY 14850

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Open Monday through Thursday: 8:00am - 4:00pm with limited hours on Friday, please call ahead!

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619 W. State St.
Suite C
Ithaca, NY 14850
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