A mature black father kissing his daughter with hearing loss on the cheek as she smiles

Talking Sounds

Talking Sounds Matter

Our ability to hear sounds is incredible. Hearing keeps us connected to the people we love and allows us to experience life to the fullest. Whether you enjoy listening to the birds singing, peepers chirping, or musical melodies, sounds that bring us joy make us who we are.

When you have hearing loss, it becomes difficult to hear certain frequencies of sound. When left untreated, you will begin to miss the sounds that once brought you joy and you may even forget about the subtle sounds of the refrigerator humming or the pitch of a friend’s voice.

Do Hearing Aids Really Help?

Improvement in frequencies and volume that come with new or re-programmed hearing technology (such as hearing aids or cochlear implants) are powerful in helping us understand speech and other sounds so much better. Not only do hearing aids allow the wearer to hear talking sounds – the sounds of speech and the tone of how words are said – but they provide us with nuances of hearing.

What are the nuances of hearing? The Merriam-Webster describes “nuance” as: 1. a subtle distinction or variation. 2. a subtle quality. 3. a sensibility to, awareness of, or ability to express delicate shading as a meaning, feeling, or value.

What Are Nuance Sounds?

Nuances of hearing can be meaningful or mundane, it depends on what’s important to you. Meaningful sounds may be the pitch of a loved one’s voice that you haven’t noticed since developing hearing loss. It could be instruments in your favorite song, or the giggling of your grandchild.

More mundane sounds you may have missed because of hearing loss could be the humming of the fridge, the crackle of the heater turning on, or the clicking of your turn signal. Whether meaningful or not, these sounds can be missed if you aren’t wearing the proper hearing technology.

What You Can Do

If you have hearing loss that you have put off treating, then a hearing aid could drastically help you. If you already wear hearing aids but still feel you aren’t hearing everything you could be, then a visit to our office could help. You don’t necessarily have to buy new hearing aids to be able to hear better. We can clean your devices, perform necessary maintenance, and adjust your programming. These simple fixes can help you experience better hearing.

Don’t miss out on the sounds that matter to you any longer. Contact us for an appointment today. Whether you want to discuss the newest technology, or you simply need a hearing aid cleaning, we can help you.