Tips on Hearing

For Wearers

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New users should use hearing aids as much as possible. The more your wear the hearing aids, the faster you will get used to them. If you need a break, take one, but get them back in your ears. Your brain wants the information and will get comfortable with it quickly in most situations.

For Family

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Always get the attention of the hearing aid user's attention first. If they know you're speaking to them and they can focus on you, they have a much greater chance of getting the message. If they're focusing on something else, by the time they know you are speaking to them, they have already missed some of the message, and filling in those pieces is difficult.

Hearing aid troubleshooting


If there seems to be an issue with a hearing aid’s function, first try these troubleshooting suggestions:

  1. Change battery
  2. Change dome
  3. Change wax guard

If these do not solve the problem, contact us, as most issues can be solved in our office.

If the hearing aid does get wet, open the battery door, take out the battery, and place your device in a container of dry white rice (or a hearing aid “dry kit”) overnight. This often will solve any problem.

Hearing Quiz

This simple quiz can help get you started on your path to understanding your hearing health.

1. Do you have difficulty understanding the other person on the telephone?


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