Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all hearing aids the same?

A. No, there’s a range of hearing devices available that vary in style, manufacturer, technology, and features. You may find that you benefit more from a specific style of hearing device over another. A lot of it comes down to personal preference. We can show you all your options and help you to figure out which hearing device will best fit your lifestyle.

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Hearing Myths

MYTH: I’m too young to have hearing loss.

FACT: Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the elderly. In fact, 14% of adults between the ages 45-64 are experiencing some form of hearing loss.


MYTH: My physician would know if I have hearing loss.

FACT: Most physicians don’t regularly check a patient’s hearing. Research has shown that about only 16% of physicians are conducting hearing screenings on a regular basis.


MYTH: Hearing aids won’t help me.

FACT: Hearing devices are now available to treat all forms of hearing loss from mild to severe. The earlier you start using hearing devices, the quicker you will adapt and possibly slow the rate of hearing loss.


MYTH: I can’t have having hearing loss. I never go to loud events.

FACT: Simply avoiding going to concerts and other noisy environments doesn’t mean you’re always practicing good listening habits. Most people don’t realize that MP3 players and earbuds are one of the leading factors for noise-induced hearing loss in younger generations.

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